Audio & Lighting


Sound and lighting play an important part in creating atmosphere for your venue as well as being an integral part of almost all of our special effects installations.

From a stand alone playback unit to add sound effects to a scene to multi-channel systems that services every inch of your facility, we can design an audio system to suit your needs.

The audio systems are networked to our Show Control systems allowing adjustments and testing via the Operator Interface.

As well as providing audio for your show elements, the audio systems can also include public address microphones, CD/MP3 playback options, emergency message playback, automated welcome messages and more.


Our systems are assembled from well respected brands like:









From a single candle in a dark room to a stadium lit up like it is day, lighting can be not only functional but set moods, reveal the unseen or completely change the appearance of an object.

We have designed and installed lighting for a wide variety of projects including theaters, live music venues, film & television and special effect applications.

E2 has also developed custom LED lighting fixtures for several of our installations. LEDs fixtures provide lower power draw, higher lamp life and low voltage power supplies for improved safety.


Lava Falls: 40 - 500watt fixtures with dichroic glass color filters controlled via DMX dimmers

Volcano Top: Custom light enclosure to protect lights and dichroic filters from salt spray and vandalism.

Old Mine Scene: Custom LED elements installed in lantern and out of frame. Flicker generator creates flame effect.

Scrim Reveal: When lit from the front the door is opaque.

When the interior lights are turned on the scene inside is revealed.