At Elemental Effects experience has taught us that a comprehensive design phase is the foundation on which a project is built. The design phase can eliminate costly problems during the fabrication and installation of systems.

To this end we utilize the latest in computer aided drafting (CAD) for the design of our systems. Much of this work is completed in 3d. 3d models allow for an accurate inspection of the design before the first part is ordered or cut. This saves time and materials which ultimately reduces costs to you, the client.


Design Issue: Exterior limitations cramp interior mechanical space.

Interior view of an exploding gas pump system designed and built for the US Army.

The 3d rendering was produced using AutoCAD 2000

Design Issue: Installation in pre-existing structure.

During a preliminary site inspection, measurements and photos were taken of the existing space.

The building structure was modeled in CAD then the system was designed to fit. 

A shop mock-up of the space was constructed for final assembly and testing.

The installation went according to the design without any unexpected modifications to the system or the structure.

This flame effect is located at a miniature golf course in South Dakota.