Motion & Animation

The sign that falls when hit by a stray bullet.

The parrot sitting in a tree welcoming your guests.

The man sitting in the corner that you know isn't real until he turns to look at you. 

Motion makes an otherwise static scene come to life.

From funny to scary to realistic, simple to very complex,

E2 motion and animation systems can breath life into your project. 


Saw table animation for Ripley's Haunted Adventure in San Antonio, TX

A pneumatic spray nozzle adds the sensation of fluid spinning off of the blade onto the guests.


This five foot tall statue heckles players at the 18th hole of Embers Island Golf in Ocean City, MD


Tipping Barrel (above) and Splitting Barrel (below) at Embers Island Golf's Tree Fort.

Both react to cannon fire from the pirate ship located at the center of the course.