Poseidon Water Effects

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the lord of the sea. E2 has borrowed his name for our line of water effects.

These effects include water impact cannons, wave generators, bubbler effects and more.

Poseidon UWIC-15  Under Water Impact Cannon:

Pneumatic water cannon capable of producing water plumes 40 feet in height using 80 psi of air pressure.

Non-corrosive construction material: Stainless, brass and PVC.

5-year limited warranty.



Poseidon UWIC-15s:

Producing the same effect as the above UWIC-15, the UWIC-15s is designed to fit in shallow ponds with depths of 12 to 36 inches.

The UWIC-15s also carries our 5-year limited warranty.

The above image is a UWIC-15s in action.


Poseidon CS-40  Cannon Simulator:

The CS-40 utilizes air, water and light to simulate the visual

signature of a cannon. A pneumatic misting nozzle produces a plume of water up to 12 feet in length and is lit by a custom LED lighting array. The LED array is bright enough to be seen during daytime operations but really comes into its own once the sun goes down. The unit is designed to fit a 4 inch diameter barrel.


Check back later for further expansion of the Poseidon line.